Friday, February 19, 2010

Time Marches On


In the last two weeks we have experienced two funerals and a death on each side of the family. They are just another reminder of how precious life is. Time is truly marching on. I used to take it for granted, but I don't anymore. Breast cancer has made me feel old, but I am trying to combat that feeling by eating better, exercising and following through with my weekly reconstruction expander "fill ups."

Through it all Laura and Leslie continue to be real troopers. They have decided the apple cider at the plastic surgeon's office is the best anywhere and don't seem phased by all the needles and injections. The last time one of them complained about a boo boo (that could not been seen with even a microscope) I pointed out the scar crossing half my back. It not only stopped the whining, but they were also quite impressed. I do believe they think I'm as tough as Rambo. I've had some qualms about showing them these things. I have found though that there are alot of life lessons that can be learned from it and that my girls, for their age, are far stronger than I could ever be.

Just this week I have connected with three more breast cancer patients, one of them I believe was a Godincidence.

The middle of last week I decided that my hair has grown out long enough to have a haircut. In the midst of all the sadness we've been dealing with I decided to call the girl who had cut my hair for some 20 years and schedule an appointment. The last time I had seen her was late last January when she had given me a short haircut in anticipation of my first chemo treatment. Well imagine my surprise when she called back and said she had gotten home that evening from a lumpectomy. She too has breast cancer. Of all days to call, that was the day I called. She is doing great, but once again I have experienced a coincidence that I don't believe was a coincidence.

Next weekend my sister Shannon, my niece, and I are headed to Atlanta for a breast cancer conference of young survivors. I have been looking forward to it for a couple months now. Please pray that I can make the most of the opportunity and get lots of great information to pass along to others. Thanks for continuing to cheer me on. Lots of love,



  1. I, too, am crossing paths with other cancer patients these days in unexpected places. I need to be prayerfully prepared!

  2. You go, Kerry! Of course you'll be great.

  3. Good to "see" you back and blogging again! So glad that God has placed you into the lives of so many people, especially your hair dresser! Have a great trip in Atlanta! My brother lives there, and I can't wait to visit there someday again; it's been way too long!

    Blessings to you!

  4. We'll be praying for your trip, Kerry. We are so proud of you. It has been a tough year for us, but through all this, we can see God's hand. I am so thankful for Him. I cannot imagine going through this without Him.


  5. Kerry,

    God sure does have amazing timing. Calling your hair stylist on the day of her lumpectomy was a Godincidence. I'm sure you were able to be a blessing to her and we'll be praying for her too!

    I'm so looking forward to this weekend. I hope that you can gather all kinds of info and enjoy your time with other cancer survivors. Heather can't wait to see the huge malls and will probably have our new GPS figured out in no time:) Love you so much!!


  6. Hope you have a great time in Atlanta, Kerry! We're looking forward to it.

  7. Kerry,

    I hope you have a great trip with Shannon and Heather this week-end! I hope that God touches your heart this week-end as you meet other survivors! I pray that the rest of this year will be easier on you than last year was and easier than this past month has been.

    I can't believe the Godincidence with you calling your hair dresser on the day that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I know that God puts people in our lives for specific reasons and I think that she is in your life for you to help her through your own experience. I know that I am glad that God put you in my life!

    Have a great trip!!

    Brooke :)